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Wenoll Trainings unit

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Item number: 125.120

Official Wenoll trainings set. Used for DAN MO2R Course and oxygen provider training with rebreather

Wenoll Circle Pack for instruction & Training


1 CO2 absorber with O2-connecting tube (silicone)
1 tubing kit with overflow valve 2 mbar and flex tube 1 rebreathing bag, 3 litres
1 mask with airbag
1 mask holder for mask with airbag
1 single-use syringe for mask with airbag
1 silicone mouthpiece


1 nose clip
1 APL valve 0-60 mbar for artificial respiration
1 Y-piece
1 bacterial filter
1 strap for circle breathing system
1 desinfection cloth
1 Wenoll system user manual