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Wenoll Demand Module

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Item number: 121.070

The Wenoll demand module has been introduced as an option for the well-known Wenoll recircu- lation system.

The demand module consists of the demand valve with ISO connector and the oxygen connection tube. The demand valve itself was developed in cooperation with the Oceanic Company on the basis of the “SLIMLINE” octopus. The result was an oxygen demand valve matching medical pres- sure regulators while at the same time optimising patient breathing. The operating principle guaran- tees a concentration of 100% of the inhaled oxygen irrespective of how the patient is breathing, even if very shallowly.

A facemask or a mouthpiece may be used on the ISO 22/15 patient connector. Both of these components are contained as standard in the Wenoll emergency cases as delivered.


The Wenoll demand module is normally used for short-term O2 therapy. This however assumes that the patient can breathe unassisted and is basically recommended for:

  • Short therapy times

  • Short transport times

  • General circulatory problems

  • Sufficiently large oxygen supply

  • Two patients simultaneously

The patient connector is ISO 22/15, so that oxygen can be applied via mouthpiece, facemask or catheter. For reasons of hygiene and to improve breathing conditions, a HME* can be attached to the ISO connector of the O2 demand valve. HMEs are used to physically warm and humidify the oxygen. The problems of hypothermia and dehy- dration are counteracted during normobar oxygen therapy; the patient breathes warm, humid oxygen.

Important hint:

The Wenoll demand module is designed for the medical emergency at normal atmospheric pressure and may not be used under water.