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Wenoll CO2-Absorber

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Item number: K) 121.050

The CO2-Absorber is the main item of the Wenoll re- circulation system. The application of the Wenoll re- circulation system provides multiple advantages:

  • -  High effectiveness: 100% inspiratory O2 concentration

  • -  Ideal physiological conditions by breathing warm and humid oxygen

  • -  Long therapy times (7.5 hours with a 2 litres O2 cylinder, 200 bar)

    Inspiration and exspiration are automatically operated by valves, integrated in the absorber.

    The connections for input/output as well as for the rebreathing bag are designed according to ISO standard. Furthermore they are colour marked. For the constantflow input the O2 connecting tube (silicone) is already assembled and - due to hygienical reasons - closed with a red locker.

The absorber is filled with the CO2-absorbing medium Spherasorb which is colored purple after use (indicator function, see also maximum duration of treatment). According to capacity of Spherasorb and oxygen there were measured the overleaf application diagramms (depending on the used pressure regulator).